You can use it on almost everything. In fact, you can make a complete meal with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and great Balsamic Condiment from appetizers to desserts. The only dishes that do not call for balsamic vinegar are the overly spiced dishes, hot spicy dishes, or any other strong foods with layers of contrasting flavors also do not pair well with the complex taste of good balsamic vinegar. 

As a rule, use sparingly, a little bit will go a long way, and preferably straight from the bottle as the finishing touch of a dish. We at The Balsamic Guy like it best with salads, raw vegetables, sauces, mayo, cheese, cold cuts, baked pasta, risotto, white and red meat, fish, sushi, fruit, fruit salads, ice cream, chocolate, custards, and much more. Once you get addicted to it, you will start sipping it out of the spoon or a small glass as a digestive after your meal.